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  • Steering Machine Pump for Wheel Loader
    Steering Machine Pump for Wheel Loader
  • Comnination valve of wheel loader
    Comnination valve of wheel loader
  • ZF Transmission Gear Selector SG-6/A
    ZF Transmission Gear Selector SG-6/A
  • Air booster of wheel loader parts
    Air booster of wheel loader parts
  • dashboard of wheel loader
    dashboard of wheel loader
  • High precision bearing  for Excavator
    High precision bearing for Excavator
  • Torque Converter of wheel loader
    Torque Converter of wheel loader
  • piston of Cummins engine parts
    piston of Cummins engine parts
  • ECU controller of excavator
    ECU controller of excavator
  • ZF Transmission Gasket Kit  6wg180 /200
    ZF Transmission Gasket Kit 6wg180 /200


Wheel Loader full spare patrs including: XCMG,LIUGONG,SDLG,LONKING ,SEM,XGMA,CHENG GONG ,SHANTUI,FOTON LOVOL ,DOOSAN, etc. Spare parts of each system including:Diesel Engine System(Weichai,Shangchai,Xichai,DEUTZ),Torque Converter system,transmissoin system,transmission control system,axle system,implement Hydraulic System,steering system,foot and hand Brake System,front frame,tank,cab group,cover system,Air Conditioner system,electric system , etc. Wheel Loader Multi-function Auxiliaries :Wood grabber, pipe grabber, cotton grabber, grass grabber, sweeper, marble fork, snow shovel, snow thrower, ditch opener, etc.
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  • For a loader, there was a failure inside the gearbox. The customer overhauled the gearbox in a local repair shop. During the test run, the machine could only reverse but not move forward. The specific performance is: when the engine is started, the machine reverses when reverse gear or neutral gear is engaged, and the machine does not move when the first or second gear is engaged. The loader gearbox is a planetary power shift gearbox. The planetary gears, sun gear and inner ring gear are in constant meshing state. The power transmission is driven by variable speed pressure oil to push the pistons of each gear to compress the master and driven friction plates. To achieve. In the event of the above failure phenomenon, you should first check the change of the transmission oil pressure. Observe the variable speed pressure gauge, the pressure indicator at idling speed is about 1.3Mpa. When the gear is shifted, the pressure gauge pointer drops and quickly returns to the normal value, indicating that the pressure oil has entered the oil cylinders of each gear, and the sealing performance of the oil cylinders of each gear is good. The reason for the gearbox oil supply system can be ruled out. It can be analyzed that the reason why the loader has only reverse gear and also reverses in neutral gear may be that the reverse gear mechanism is always combined. Because when the first and second gears are engaged, despite the action of the pressure oil, the piston pushes the friction plates of the first and second gears to be normally combined. If the reverse gear mechanism cannot be separated, the forward and reverse powers will cancel each other out. Although the torque converter can output torque, the machine will not move forward or backward.
    2020-11 19
  • In the golden autumn of October, the effective sales income of overseas Liugong parts exceeded the 20 million mark, setting a new record for the single-month sales of overseas parts in recent years, and becoming a beautiful scene for overseas sales during the epidemic. According to statistics, from January to October this year, sales of overseas accessories increased by 19% year-on-year. In March this year, as the domestic epidemic improved, the new crown pneumonia first broke out in Europe and quickly spread to the world. In response to the epidemic, overseas countries have adopted measures such as lockdowns, shutdowns, and travel restrictions, which led to a cliff-like decline in overseas accessories in April, and the situation is very serious. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, Liugong's overseas parts team has actively promoted the resumption of work and production of domestic suppliers, strengthened overseas regional communication, carried out online and offline product knowledge training, and vigorously promoted oil products, accessories, A series of active response strategies such as tires and other key items to ensure the demand for accessories and sprint to complete sales tasks. Thanks to the concerted efforts of everyone, the decline was reversed in June this year. Since then, the performance has been surging, big orders have been reported frequently, and the development of oil products has blossomed in all directions. As of October, sales of attachments increased by 127% year-on-year, and sales of oil products increased by 72% year-on-year; the Asia-Pacific region completed the annual sales task ahead of schedule; sales in th
    2020-11 19
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