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air conditioner of loader parts

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The air conditioning system used on the loader uses a method called an evaporative compression refrigeration system The system consists of compressor condenser liquid storage and drying bottle expansion valve and evaporator These components are...

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The scorching summer is here. I think all of you are taking measures to reduce the sun and heat. Today I summarized the basic knowledge and installation skills of the loader air conditioning system to share with the majority of loader drivers and friends, so that you can enjoy this summer To a cool driving environment.

1. The composition of the loader air conditioning system

The air conditioning systems used on loaders all use a method called evaporative compression refrigeration system. This system consists of a compressor, condenser, liquid storage and drying bottle, expansion valve and evaporator. These components are connected by aluminum pipes or hoses, and the refrigerant is placed in this sealed piping system (refrigeration cycle).

Second, the principle of air conditioning refrigeration cycle

The air-conditioning compressor is driven to rotate by the engine. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor enters the condenser through the high-pressure hose. Because the temperature of the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor is higher than the temperature of the air outside the car, the condenser fan is used to make the condenser The heat of the refrigerant vapor is taken away by the air outside the vehicle, condensing the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor into a higher temperature and high pressure liquid, which flows into the drying bottle through the high pressure hose, and flows through the expansion valve after being dried and filtered.

Under the throttling action of the expansion valve, the refrigerant becomes a low-temperature, low-pressure liquid and enters the air-conditioning evaporator. It vaporizes at a constant pressure and absorbs the heat of the air outside the evaporator tube, so that the air flowing through the evaporator is circulated in the Cabin. The lowered temperature becomes cold air, which is sent into the cabin by a blower to lower the air temperature in the cabin. The vaporized refrigerant vapor is sucked and compressed by the compressor, and then becomes high-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant gas, which is pressed into the condenser through a high-pressure hose, completing a refrigeration cycle of the air conditioning system.

Three, operation panel instructions

The control panel on the outer cover is as shown in the figure. The functions of these switches and indicators are:

1. Refrigeration switch: used to control the work of the air-conditioning compressor.

2. Air volume switch; used to control the speed of the evaporator fan in order to select the appropriate air volume.

3. Indicator light: red light on means that the blower is running and the system is working; green light on means that the compressor is started and the refrigeration system is working.

Adjusting the angle of the air outlet can change the angle and direction of the cold air blowing; adjusting the air volume switch can obtain three levels of air volume: high, medium and low.

Fourth, the installation skills of the main components

The installation of the main components is a crucial part of the air conditioning system debugging. The quality of the main components of the air conditioner is completed by the supplier and the OEM. The main components of the air conditioner can only be regarded as semi-finished products from the supplier to the OEM. They must The system can be connected through the OEM to form a complete body. Therefore, the quality of the installation of air conditioners in the production line of the main engine factory directly affects the quality of the air conditioning system.

Unscrew the dust cap when the compressor pipe heads are connected. Do not place the pipe heads below the level to prevent lubricant leakage. When connecting the belt with the driving pulley, check the belt tension straightness, and the allowable error is between 0~1.5 mm. The method of checking the belt tension is as follows: use the middle finger to forcefully press down on the center belt point of the two wheels, the elastic pressure range is between 4~7mm.

During the transportation process of the condenser assembly, be careful to handle it gently, and do not damage the collecting pipe and rectangular pipe to prevent refrigerant leakage. When installing, pay attention to the big pipe head facing up and the small pipe head down. Unscrew the dust cap when the pipe heads are connected. When the pipe head is locked, use two wrenches to tighten it in opposite directions, because the condenser is Aluminum, so pay attention to force to prevent the lock from breaking. Avoid high-temperature areas and sharp-angle areas when wiring lines to prevent burns or wear.

The liquid storage drying bottle should be opened after the preparations are completed to prevent the inhalation of moisture in the air. There is a glass sight glass on the head of the liquid storage drying bottle. Be careful not to scratch it to prevent refrigerant leakage. Pay special attention to the butt joint of the tube head. The direction of the arrow on the end marked with "←" on the liquid storage drying bottle must be connected to the evaporator.

During the transportation process of the evaporator assembly, be careful to handle with care and do not damage the pipeline to prevent refrigerant leakage. Unscrew the dust cap when the pipe heads are connected. When the pipe head is locked, use two wrenches to tighten it in opposite directions, so that the expansion valve cannot be loosened.

The hot summer has come, and the main components of the air-conditioning system have become the main loss materials in the season. A loader without an air-conditioning system cannot be regarded as a complete machine. Drivers and friends will inevitably have to drive the loader in an environment without cooling. All kinds of discomfort, which easily increase the operational risk. To understand the basic knowledge of the loader air conditioning system, master the installation skills of the main components, to ensure that the loader air conditioning system can be stably refrigerated, and to create a cool and comfortable driving environment, which is very important to our loader drivers

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