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Driver Axle System

Product categories of Driver Axle System, we are specialized manufacturers from China, Driver Axle System, Differential Of Xgma Loader suppliers/factory, wholesale high-quality products of Sun Gear Of Wheel Reducer R & D and manufacturing, we have the perfect after-sales service and technical support. Look forward to your cooperation!
The XGMA Drive Axle is mainly composed of a final drive, a differential, a half shaft and a drive axle housing.
Main Reducer (Sun Gear Of Wheel Reducer,Planetary Gear Of Sdlg Loader)
The main reducer is generally used to change the transmission direction, reduce the speed, increase the torque, and ensure that the car has sufficient driving force and appropriate speed. There are many types of main reducers, including single-stage, double-stage, two-speed, wheel-side reducers, etc.
1) Single-stage final reducer
A device that reduces speed by a pair of reduction gears is called a single-stage reducer. Its simple structure and light weight are widely used in light and medium-duty trucks such as Dongfeng BQl090.
2) Double-stage final reducer
For some heavy-duty trucks, a larger reduction ratio is required. When a single-stage final reducer is used for transmission, the diameter of the driven gear must be increased, which will affect the ground clearance of the drive axle, so two decelerations are used. Usually called a two-stage reducer. The double-stage reducer has two sets of reduction gears to achieve two reductions to increase torque.
In order to improve the meshing stability and strength of the bevel gear pair, the first-stage reduction gear pair is a spiral bevel gear. The secondary gear pair is a helical cylindrical gear.
The rotation of the driving bevel gear drives the rotation of the driven bevel gear to complete the first-stage deceleration. The driving cylindrical gear of the second stage reduction is coaxial with the driven bevel gear and rotates together, and drives the driven cylindrical gear to rotate for the second stage of reduction. Because the driven cylindrical gear is mounted on the differential housing, when the driven cylindrical gear rotates, the wheels are driven to rotate through the differential and the half shaft.
Differential Of Xgma Loader
The differential is used to connect the left and right half shafts, so that the wheels on both sides can rotate at different angular speeds and transmit torque at the same time. Ensure the normal rolling of the wheels. Some multi-bridge-driven cars are also equipped with a differential in the transfer case or between the shafts of the through transmission, which is called an inter-bridge differential. Its function is to produce a differential effect between the front and rear driving wheels when the car is turning or driving on uneven roads.
Domestic cars and other types of cars basically use symmetrical bevel gear ordinary differentials. The symmetrical bevel gear differential is composed of planetary gears, half-shaft gears, planetary gear shafts (cross shaft or a direct shaft) and differential housing.
Most cars use planetary gear differentials. The ordinary bevel gear differentials are composed of two or four conical planetary gears, planetary gear shafts, two conical side gears, and left and right differential housings.
Half shaft
The half shaft is a solid shaft that transfers the torque from the differential to the wheels, drives the wheels to rotate, and drives the car to travel. As the mounting structure of the hub is different, the force on the axle shaft is also different. Therefore, half shafts are divided into three types: full-floating, semi-floating, and 3/4-floating.
1) Fully floating half shaft
Generally, large and medium-sized cars adopt a full-floating structure. The inner end of the half shaft is connected with the side gear of the differential through a spline, the outer end of the half shaft is forged with a flange, and the bolt is connected to the hub. The hub is supported on the half shaft sleeve through two tapered roller bearings far apart. The axle sleeve and the rear axle housing are press-fitted into one body to form the drive axle housing. With this type of support, there is no direct connection between the half shaft and the axle housing, so that the half shaft only bears the driving torque and does not bear any bending moment. This kind of half shaft is called a "full floating" half shaft. The so-called "floating" means that the half shaft is not subject to bending loads.
Full-floating semi-shaft, the outer end is a flange plate and the shaft is integrated. However, there are also some trucks whose flanges are made into separate parts and splined on the outer end of the axle shaft. Therefore, both ends of the half shaft are splined, which can be used in different heads.
2) Semi-floating half shaft
The inner end of the semi-floating half shaft is the same as that of the full-floating half shaft, and does not bear bending and torsion. Its outer end is directly supported on the inner side of the half shaft housing through a bearing. This support method will make the outer end of the half shaft bear bending moment. Therefore, this half sleeve not only transmits torque, but also partially bears the bending moment, so it is called semi-floating half shaft. This type of structure is mainly used for passenger cars.
The picture shows the drive axle of a Hongqi CA7560 premium sedan. The inner end of the half shaft is not subject to bending moment, but the outer end has to bear all the bending moment, so it is called semi-floating support.
3) 3/4 floating half shaft
The degree of bending moment of the 3/4 floating semi-axle is between the semi-floating type and the full-floating type. This type of semi-axle is not widely used, and is only used in individual small sleepers, such as Warsaw M20 cars.
Axle housing
1) Integral axle housing
The integral axle housing is widely used because of its good strength and rigidity, which is convenient for the installation, adjustment and maintenance of the main reducer. Due to different manufacturing methods, the integral axle housing can be divided into integral casting type, middle section casting press-in steel pipe type and steel plate stamping and welding type.
2) Segmented drive axle housing
The segmented axle housing is generally divided into two sections, which are connected together by bolts. The segmented axle housing is easier to cast and process.

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